Cape Argus Race 2014

Cape Argus competitors at Suikerbossie

Watching the Cape Argus Race from Mount Rhodes today left a lasting impression. It was difficult to believe that the race leaders had completed more than 90 of the 109 kilometers of the course, when one saw them climbing up the M6 towards Suikerbossie. To many of us watching, it looked more like a sprint instead of a climb!

Now that I think about it, Mount Rhodes is probably one of the best locations to watch the race, as the Suikerbossie climb is one of the most gruelling and frustrating of the whol Cape Argus race. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the many onlookers who cheered the riders on. Some did not restrict themselves to looking, but even gave a very welcome push...

Congratulations to the 35,000 participants who finished the 109 kilometers course and especially the winners in their respective group.