Car Rental Packages

"Zero Risk" rental cars for international guests

Driving in South Africa is a challenge for some, as South Africans drive on the "wrong" side of the road. If you are not familiar with Right-Hand-Drive cars, we would like to suggest that you eliminate all risk by booking our special, zero-liability rental car package.

If you order your car through us, our partner Avis will provide you with a car which is 100% insured against accident, theft or any other kind of loss or damage. This includes broken windows and damaged tires, which normally fall under the included dedudictible (excluded by as insured items by car rental companies). No matter what happens, you have zero risk and no deductible.

Furthermore, your rental contract will have unlimited mileage - so you can discover stunning South Africa to your heart's content. Cars can be picked up at the airport or conveniently delivered to a location of your choice - like THE PLATINUM BOUTIQUE HOTEL.

Please contact us by email at for a quote.