Health & Safety Protocols

THE PLATINUM is committed to fight the CCP Virus

THE PLATINUM BOUTIQUE HOTEL is committed to the fight against the spread of COVID-19 and for this reason we have set up extensive COVID-19 protocols as a preventative measure to ensure the safety of our Guests and Staff alike.

We offer Travelers affordable and comfortable accommodation options with personal service. Guest safety is our priority.



Upon arrival at the Main Gate of the Hotel, each person (whether they are an employee, a guest or a member of the general public) must be temperature screened using an infrared contact-less thermometer. This will be done by the Security Staff of the Hotel. Any person with a temperature over 38.0C (thirty eight degrees) will be denied entry to the Hotel.
Guests who have been temperature screened and do NOT have a fever may proceed to the Hotel Reception where a second more detailed screening will take place as set out hereunder.
The Designated Person responsible for COVID-19 Screening who will be based at Reception and will screen each person for COVID-19 related symptoms, including a second temperature check using an infrared contact-less thermometer and completion of the required Guest Questionnaire as per directions on risk adjusted strategy for Tourism facilities published on the 29th of June 2020 in Government Gazette Number: 43487, Vol.660. Records will be kept in this regard and as required.
Any person, who upon arrival presents with a temperature measurement of 38.0C (thirty eight degrees) and above will be requested to leave the Hotel and/or sent home with immediate effect.
Any person with a temperature measurement above 37.5C, but below 38.0C, will be monitored regularly and if deemed necessary, isolated according to the isolation procedures contained herein.
Should a person start displaying symptoms of infection with COVID-19 and whilst at the Hotel, such person will be immediately isolated in the designated isolation area and provided with a FFP1 face mask, as required.
The COVID-19 hotline will be contacted on 0800 029 999 and any action will be taken as instructed.
The risk of transmission must be assessed, the area and any space that the affected person came into contact with will be disinfected and those persons (be they guests and/or employees) who came into contact with the affected person and who may be at risk must be referred for screening.


All possible precautionary protective measures will be taken to protect all persons entering the Hotel and such measures may include denying such a person access to the Hotel.
No member of the public and/or guest will be allowed at the Hotel if he or she is not wearing the required cloth face mask and/or face shield and/or homemade item that covers the nose and mouth, as required. The only time when a guest may be without the required face mask and/or face-shield and/or other appropriate item will be when he or she is eating or drinking.
As set out herein-above all guests and customers entering the Hotel/Lodge will be screened upon arrival, this will include a temperature check and the completion of the required screening questionnaire published by the Department of Tourism.
All guests and customers will be required to sanitize before entering the premises and/or any of the common public areas.
The Hotel will demarcate in a visible manner a distance of a line at least 1.5 (one and a half) metres – from any point of sale serving counter towards the guest or customer;
ensure guests or customers queue at least 1.5 (one and a half) metres apart either behind each other or sideways.


All common areas and bathroom facilities will be cleaned and disinfected regularly and as per the cleaning schedule.
All persons in attendance at the Hotel will be required to wear face masks at all times while in common areas or shared rooms, as well as to adhere to physical distancing (at least 1.5 metres) while in these areas. Proper signage will be displayed to remind employees and guests/visitors of these health and safety protocols.
A physical barrier (transparent screen) will be installed at the Reception desk to prevent contact between employees and any other persons.
All persons entering the Hotel will be screened for symptoms, including a temperature check and completion of the required questionnaire, before they may proceed into any other area of the Hotel.
The Hotel's bathrooms are equipped with sufficient soap, basins with running water, paper towels for drying of hands, as well as sanitiser. Posters will also be displayed displaying the proper hand washing technique.


Meals (breakfast) are dished by the selected Staff Members in a hygienic and sterile manner.
All menus must be sanitised after use by any guest. The use of non-touch options will also be considered in future.
All tables must be sanitised before and after each guest use.
Tablecloths will be removed from tables where possible and only essential items such as condiments will remain on tables. These items will be sanitized after each guest has left the table.
Items on waiting stations should be minimised.
Wherever possible, whilst taking orders, waitrons must stand a least 1 (one) metre from tables.
All excess chairs, stools and tables or tables combined to enlarge the floor space while reducing and spreading seat capacity to enforce distancing 1.5 (one and a half) metres between guests and customers.
Reservations for all meals will be confirmed with guests, before-hand to ensure that capacity limits are adhered to.
Room service will be encouraged in order to limit contact in the restaurant.


The number of persons entering any conference and/or meeting venue at the Hotel shall not be more than 50 (fifty) for indoor events and not more than 100 (one hundred) for outdoor events.
Setup for conferences and/or meetings shall ensure compliance with the requirements relating to physical distancing, which is at least 1.5 (one and a half) metres.
A proper screening will be conducted for all conference delegates at Reception in the format required and in line with published guidelines.
Screening stations will be set up before or after entrances to any conference and/or meeting venue, at the front of queues to facilitate screening of delegates at each and every entry.
After screening, and if deemed necessary any person suspected of being infected with COVID-19 will be isolated in the designated isolation room. The isolation protocol will be followed as set out herein-above.
All conference delegates will be required to wear the required face masks and/or face shields at all times except when eating or drinking.
All conference delegates will be required to sanitise upon entry into the Hotel and the Conference and/or Meeting venue. Sanitising stations will be provided at designated spots that are easily accessible and as set out herein-above. All guests will be required to frequently sanitise during their stay at the Hotel.
Only individual water and individual mints and/or condiments will be provided.
Any microphone and/or podium that may be used will be sanitised after use by every person.
Each conference delegate must be designated a seat and he or she may not change this seat for the duration of the conference.
The Hotel/Lodge Staff will clean each room every day and exchange linen every 3 (three) days for long staying Guest’s. The towels will be changed every day.
In the event that the Guest is staying for two nights, the Hotel staff will tidy up the room once the Guest has left their room for the day.
Where Guests have checked out, departed rooms are cleaned and sanitised.


Linen and terry (towels) are washed on the hottest wash cycle at between 60°C and 80°C.
All the linen is ironed on a hot setting. Towels are tumble-dried until fully dry and hot enough to kill any potential viral matter.


Guests are required to change their own linen and will be requested to clean their own rooms daily. Hotel/Lodge staff will provide clean linen in a sealed bag, left outside the door every 3 (three) days.
No Staff will enter the room whilst a Guest is in Quarantine.
Where Guests have checked out, departed rooms are cleared and sanitised and as far as it is possible, remain unoccupied for three days before the room is cleaned.


Turndown service will be eliminated.
All excess softs, such as cushions, throws, additional blankets, décor and other superfluous items must be removed and items such as shoe cleaning kits, irons and magazines will be available for guest collection upon request only.
Sanitiser will be available in all guest room and units for use by guests and replenished when necessary.
Housekeeping staff must sanitise their hands, shoes and aprons upon finishing each room and before entering the next room.
On check-out of a guest, housekeeping employees must ensure that all door handles, surfaces including telephones, television and radio remote controls, air-conditioning remote controls, kettles, curtain pulls/curtain edges/curtain ties, mini-bars and refrigerators, amenity containers and bottles, furniture and other movable items are cleaned thoroughly or sanitised with an effective disinfectant.
Room keys or room access cards must be wiped or sanitised after every check-out and before any check-in.
Care must be taken to ensure that there is efficient ventilation through either air-conditioning or the opening of doors and windows, especially during room cleaning.
All luggage must be disinfected before or after off-loading from vehicles and employees/owners handling luggage must sanitise or wash hands with soap immediately before and after touching any luggage items.
THE PLATINUM BOUTIQUE HOTEL minimum guest bedroom standard requirements must comply with the inclusion of the following:
Be properly sanitized
Have a spray dispenser of hand sanitizer (300ml)
Have a hand soap dispenser (A normal bar of soap is not permitted) (300ml)
Cleaning products (A bottle of Handy Andy and Multi-Purpose Cleaner) including a wash able cloths will be supplied in the room for the Guest
Standard PLATINUM BOUTIQUE HOTEL COVID-19 notices will be up in allocated rooms to serve as a reminder to the guests to wash their hands regularly and to follow the minimum protocols.
Clean linen will be placed outside the Guest room door once a week in a sealed plastic bag with an additional empty plastic bag for the Guest to place dirty linen.
Once the Guest has taken the dirty linen off the bed, the dirty linen needs to be placed in the empty plastic bag, sealed and placed outside the Guest door.


THE PLATINUM BOUTIQUE HOTEL will regularly provide information and training to employees and on the COVID-19 health protocols issued by the Minister of Health from time to time, including protocols on the following:
The procedures related to the use, re-use and wearing of masks;
The utilisation of Personal Protective Equipment;
Maintaining physical distancing;
Basic hygiene practises, including the washing of hands;
Cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and surfaces;
Contactless operations;
Package handling;
Handling of orders and delivery to guests and customers.
The Hotel Management will inform employees on their responsibilities to advise Hotel Management if they are tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive as soon as possible.


Any PLATINUM BOUTIQUE HOTEL staff member providing service to or entering any Guest room must wear a mask, gloves.
All staff dealing directly with Guest rooms must have a spray bottle of sanitiser with them at all times to sanitise items issued to or received back from the room occupants.
All Maintenance staff must sanitise all tools or any item removed from the room immediately after leaving the room.
We appreciate your understanding during this time and our entire PLATINUM BOUTIQUE HOTEL team is fully committed to assist you with all your travel needs and welcome you to the PLATINUM Experience.